Week 4: No Media?

The world without media is something that many have thought about and wondered what would happen if there was no media in the world.  Now if there was no such thing as media a lot of things would change and become so much different.  With no media businesses would fall under and fail because they don’t have much way to get their company out there.  Even people would be different.  Believe it or not many friendships would be torn apart with out media because with the media people can be brought together.  It wouldn’t really be such a good thing if the media never came around.




Week 3: Media with Teaching and Learning

Research shows that visual media make concepts more accessible to a person than text media.  Using this type of media helps the students learn much more faster than they would if they were just listening to a teacher.  With today’s world students are more likely to pay attention with using media.  This is just something that is noticeable because with the students today everyone’s more into the media and technology than just sitting down in a class and just listening to what the teacher or professor has to say.

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Week 2: Political Power of Social

Since the rise of the Internet in the early 1990s the world’s network population has grown from the low millions to the low billions. Over the same time period social media has become a huge part of life for today’s world which is also involving many actors.  Now with the networked population, it is gaining greater access to different types of information, more opportunities to engage in public speech, and an enhanced ability to undertake collective action.


Social-Media-protest 101004_r20052_p886-885-1200-12165421 social-media-image